TEAM&click online escape rooms

Screenshot from single player escape room

A totally new type of online escape room experience

Solve exciting puzzles with your friends and colleagues

Compete against other teams in a group of 2-5 players

Screenshot from multiplayer escape room

Instant Multiplayer Game

Simply send this magic link to your friends and you can immediately play our free room 'The Factory' together! No user account needed! Meet in any audio conference, click on the magic link, and off you go.

Fun for everyone

Puzzles for experts and newbies

In English and German

Play in teams agains each other

Easy to use

No installation required

Self-explaining gameplay

Events fully self-organized in our online platform

Super flexible

Change date, time and number of players until the last minute

Play as a very small group or with hundreds of people

Pay only for those who actually attend the event

Full transparency

Start planning your event without any obligations

Try our free escape room 'The Factory'

Pricing per participant - no hidden costs

Watch the trailer for our new room 'Exotic Matter'!

Get out – in time!

Find more valuable items than the other teams to WIN!

Check out our rooms !

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