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"Here at TEAM&click we organize amazing online team events for you. Our escape rooms may look cute, but don't underestimate the puzzles. Together with your colleagues you have to find hints, solve riddles, combine objects in a smart way and - most importantly - work together towards a solution. Our platform was designed on purpose for corporate events. Would you like us to organize your next team event? Write us an e-mail"


Maximum team interaction

Many puzzles can only be solved by working together

See your team's actions in real time

Unique moments of joint achievement and success

Fun for everyone

Designed to work for mixed teams of experts and newbies

In English and German

No offensive or inappropriate content

Easy to use

No installation required

Self-explaining gameplay

We can organize the whole event for you

Super flexible

Change date, time and number of players until the last minute

Play as a very small group or with hundreds of people

Pay only for those who actually attend the event

Full transparency

Start planning your event without any obligations

Try our free escape room 'The Factory'

Pricing per participant - no hidden costs

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Technical requirements

Every participant needs...

... laptop or PC (no pure touch-screen devices please)

... headset or microphone

... internet connection

... email adress

No software will be installed. Both TEAM&click and the audio conference can be run in your web browser.


  1. You define date, time and a participant list for your event. You can invite as many participants as you wish. Up to five persons can play in one escape room together. For larger groups we will run a competition where several teams of 3-5 colleagues play the escape room in parallel.
  2. We send out invitations to the event, explaining the technical process, and we help participants to set up their account if necessary.
  3. On the day of the event all participants log into the TEAM&click website and click on a link there to start the audio conference.
  4. We explain to the team how the escape room works and we will be there to support you during the event (duration: 75-90 min).

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