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Information for event organizers

Who is it made for?

TEAM&click is the online escape room for groups of any number of players. Spice up your online team meeting or conference with an engaging, fun activity which allows your colleagues to network and achieve something together!

How is the online escape room experience?

You will solve exciting puzzles in a small group. The objective is to find your way out of the escape room while finding as many valuable items as possible. Of course, the most valuable items are usually hardest to get... Each player controls one avatar which can interact with the objects in the room. You can examine or take objects, use them or even combine them to build something new. Often you have to collaborate with your team mates to solve a riddle: Maybe you have an item which they need to make progress, or several avatars need to act in a coordinated fashion to accomplish a certain task. TEAM&click is not for lone rangers!

How do you pay for events?

For every participant who enters a non-free escape room, one ticket is deducted from the event organizer's account. The tickets can be bought by the organizer before the event on the TEAM&click website under 'Tickets' in the menu bar (only visible when you are logged in as a user)

Can I play an escape room multiple times?

As soon as a registered user has entered an escape room, this room remains unlocked for that user for a period of 72 hours. If you want to play the same room again (e.g. because you didn't manage to escape on the first attempt or because you would like to score more points) you can try again during this time period without any additional cost.

Can I play an escape room multiple times as a guest user?

No, because we cannot identify you when cou come back next time.

I have played a room as a guest. Can I play it again?

Yes, but you need to create a TEAM&click account. After logging in with the account, navigate to the magic link that you have used to play the event. Then click on 'That's me!' next to your old guest name. This will connect your previous guest account to your new personal account. That means that you can also play the paid room again (within the period of 72 hours).

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on how many participants play which escape room and they depend on whether you opt for a self-organized event or for our event organization service:
Room Number of players per team Duration Price per player
TEAM&click offices (One-click demo) 1 15 min FREE
The Factory (free room) 2 - 5 60 min FREE
The Art Lover's Mansion 2 - 5 60 min EUR 5,-
Exotic Matter 3 - 5 60 min EUR 5,-
Event Organization Additional cost per player
Self-organized event none
TEAM&click event organization service EUR 15,-

How does a session work?

A session is a group of two to five players working through one of the different escape rooms during a certain time span (typically 60 min plus about 15 min prep time). During the session the players are connected via an audio conference so that they can discuss the riddles and coordinate their actions. On the screen, everyone can see what the team mates are currently doing via their avatars. Every session starts with a brief explanation of how to control your avatar (which is really simple). Then, all avatars meet, enter the escape room together, and the clock starts ticking! The team must collaborate to find a way out of the escape room, finding as many valuable items as possible in the process. The game ends when all players have managed to escape or when time is up.
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What is an event?

During a Teams and click event one or more teams play through an online escape room. Each team is connected via an online audio conference of their choice and they interact within the same virtual escape room.
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How does an event work step by step?

Step 1

Every TEAM&click event begins with all participants meeting in the event lobby. You get to the lobby simply by joining an event in your My Events page. In the lobby, participants can form teams by assigning themselves to sessions. During this phase all participants should be connected in one joint audio call. Once people are ready to go, they can start their team's session.
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Step 2

In the sessions each team plays through their own seperate escape room. Each team should be connected via their own audio conference. The team members need to collaborate to solve many riddles: Their objective is to find a way out of the escape room and grab as many valuable items as possible in the process.
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Step 3

When the sessions are finished everyone meets back in the lobby again to compare their results on the leader board. Which teams have managed to escape? Who has found which valuable item? And how did they manage to get them? The teams will have plenty of stories to tell from their adventure!
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How can I set up an event?

We recommend the following steps to set up your TEAM&click event:

1. Send a save-the-date

Do it well in advance of the event so that all participants have the time blocked in their calendars and you get some feedback about how many participants to expect.
Important : Plan about 15 min preparation time on top of the net time indicated for the room you chose! For example, if you choose a 60min room, send an invite of 75-90 min to the participants.

2. Create event

Under 'My Events' (in the menu bar on the top) you can create a new event. You need a TEAM&click user account for that. For every event there is a Magic Link by which the participants can join the event. For larger events we recommend that you enter the names of the participants when you set up the event. This enables you to assign participants to sessions (see below) and thus define who plays against whom before the event starts. You should also encourage the participants to get their own TEAM&click accounts, because only then they can play rooms a second time for free.

3. Define sessions

On the edit-event-page you can create sessions for your event. The number of sessions needed depends on the number of participants. For example, if you expect 15 guests, then you might want to create three sessions for five players each. To be on the safe side, you can always create an extra session. It's no problem if they remain empty. For each session you need to determine which escape room will be played. If you wish, you can also pre-assign participants to the sessions. This is recommended for larger events to reduce the complexity at the start of the event - because everyone will know which is the session they should play in. But in any case participants will be able to join or switch sessions flexibly at the start of your event.

4. Set up audio conference

The audio conferencing is not provided by TEAM&click, so you must choose your own provider and obtain dial-in links. For a small event with only one session, a single audio conference is all you need. For a larger event you will always need one more audio conference than the number of sessions you have: One conference call is needed at the beginning and the end of the event, when all participants should come together. And in addition you need one dial-in for each of the break-out sessions.

5. Buy tickets

Don't forget to buy enough tickets before the event! You can find an estimate of your tickets needed at the bottom of the edit-event-page. If you don't have enough tickets when the event starts, participants won't be able to enter the sessions! Any left-over tickets can be used for your next event, or you can transfer them to anyone else who has an account on the TEAM&click platform.

6. Send Invitation

Send your guests the Magic Link (and the link to an audio conference, if you have not put that into the event). Ask your participants to click the Magic Link shortly before the event starts.And then the fun starts!

Can I test-drive TEAM&click?

Absolutely! Simply create an event and invite a few friends or colleagues. If you like, you can actually join the event and play our free room with a team. This way, you can get familiar with our platform and the whole event process at zero risk! You can create and delete as many events as you wish. Especially if you are planning a large event with many people, we absolutely recommend that you do a dry-run in our free room.

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What are the technical requirements?

To join a TEAM&click escape room you only need a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. There is no need for any installation since the whole game runs in the browser. In addition, your participants need to be connected via a conference call so that they can discuss and exchange ideas. You can choose any conference provider you like - this is not included in the TEAM&click platform. You can put links to your conference call into the event description, so that your participants can access the call easily.

Will TEAM&click provide a human moderator for my event?

It is really easy to organize an event on TEAM&click on your own - and even easier to participate in one. But if you would like us to take over the full organiazion of an event, we will do so for a small fee which depends on the number of event participants. Please ask us via email for an offer. (e-mail)

What happens, if...

...less people attend than planned?

No problem: If needed, the teams can be fleibly rearranged at the start of the event. So you can always make sure that everybody can play in a team of the right size. Even better: Tickets are only consumed when people actually play. If you have tickets left over after the event, you can use them for your next event or send them over to a colleague.

...participants have a problem with their equipment?

No problem! If their computer crashed, their laptop runs out of battery, or they accidentially close their browser window, they can always reconnect to their session - even from another computer. They just need to log in to the TEAM&click website again and can re-join the event without losing any progress they made in their escape room.

...people join late?

The different sessions can start independently of one another. Thus, those participants who arrive late can form their own team and start a session while the other sessions are already under way. Alternatively, a late-comer con also join an already ongoing session provided it has not reached its maximum number of players.

...our event is interrupted?

As soon as a users has entered an escape room, this room remains unlocked for that user for a period of 72 hours. If your event gets interrupted for whatever reason, you can always schedule another event and try again during this time period without being charged any more tickets.

Any more questions?

Any more questions? Send us an e-mail
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