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Note: The event organizer needs to have a TEAM&click user account to set up multiplayer events in rooms other than 'The Factory'. The user account is free and you only have to enter your name, email and password.

One-Click Demo

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Free a prisoner who is trapped in an escape room prototype in the TEAM&click offices. And while you are at it, see if you can get his help to liberate some valuable items, too. This is the short single-player demo of TEAM&click. You can start it with just one click from the homepage (does not work on mobile devices).

Single player | 15 min | FREE

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The Factory (free room)

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Your team event was supposed to be an educational factory tour. But then: Cyber attack, power outage, get out of here! Can you put the old steam engine in the factory museum back to work to generate enough emergency power? Will you find evidence that points to those behind the attack? And then there is the 'special present' which the saboteurs sent to the factory... This is the free 60min escape room of TEAM&click. You can play it in multiplayer mode without any limitations.

Number of players per team: 2 - 5 | 60 min | FREE

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The Art Lover's Mansion

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When visiting a private art collection, suddenly the doors are closed and you are trapped. Looks like the weird rich owner wants to play a game with you! Show him that you are smarter: Escape the rooms and 'liberate' as many valuable items as possible! The rooms of the art collection are full of strange objects which will only reveal their secrets if you find the hints, combine objects in a creative way, and coordinate with your team members. Which team will find the most treasure?

Number of players per team: 2 - 5 | 60 min | EUR 5,- per person

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Exotic Matter

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An earthquake has shaken the Institute for Subnuclear Physics and triggered a chain reaction. You only have one hour to rescue all the important documents and get out of the lab before the research reactor explodes. Unfortunately the institute's scientists are very anxious of competition and everything in the lab is well protected from intruders. Your scientific skills will be put to a test...

Number of players per team: 3 - 5 | 60 min | EUR 5,- per person

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Haunted castle

Visiting a haunted castle sounded fun in the travel brochure, but when you entered the place the doors shut behind you and you are trapped. You will need all your wits to get out of the place and take some magical items along with you.

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